Why I Blog

I didn’t even know what “blogging” was a few years ago, and when I did figure it out I wondered “who would want to read, let alone listen to words written by some middle-aged lady who is flawed and certainly doesn’t have it all together?”  Well, I’m learning that there’s value in transparency. 

I blog about grace because it was foreign to me most of my life.  It was something I wished for, but never knew could be offered to me without having to earn it…and I always knew I was miserably unworthy.  If people knew the reality of the sin and pride that bounces around in this heart on my best days….wooo baby… even my best friends would surely turn away in horror.

But on this journey of discovering the truth about grace is that I don’t have to hide.  We’re all a mess, and the shame of that truth often keeps us from getting past our ability to see who God declares us to be.  So, I’m free to be transparent with all of you in the hopes that maybe you’ll identify with just a shred of the same mess in me, and join me on this journey. 

I’m trying to be better at being vulnerable and letting people who visit this blog see that I’m just as broken as you are.  That the cracks are leaking all over the place.  This vulnerability is the place where joy and creativeness begin, and I have to say it makes me feel a bit courageous.  To let what I hope I’m cultivating inside spill out the cracks and onto those around me – hopefully for good.

So I use this blog to taddle on myself.  To God.  To others.  And that allows healing and holiness to happen when there’s no more hidden “stuff”.  Granted, I’m not going to tell you everything….(I’m not that dumb or free) but the cleaner I come with you then the free’er I am to heal.

When I can give my life away – showing you all the silly mistakes and ugly scars I’m working on…then I’m not so much worried about failing.  Then I can focus more on being the person I was intended to be…and maybe help others find that place too. 

Now that’s what I like to call grace!

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